Why I Choose My 1UpUsa Trainer Over My CycleOps

From 1UpUSA.com

From 1UpUSA.com – old style

It’s already February – and, admittedly, I’ve been a lazy bike rider.  Both indoors and out!  The snow on the ground and the Arctic blasts have really pushed me inside – but that dang couch grabs hold and won’t typically let go!

As I finally DO get myself to ride, I’m fortunate enough to have a choice between which trainer I want to ride.  My first trainer was given to me by my dear wife for a Christmas present a number of years ago.   It was an American-made model from the folks at 1UpUSA – and I liked it (remember my review?).

It was super quiet and did everything a good trainer should do.  I used it so much that I had to do some maintenance on it.  While that worked for awhile, it didn’t hold up – and (for those who know me) I’m probably to blame.  Yes – I’m a professional homebuilder by day, but I’m not the most handy with tools.  I’m an Office Jockey/Scheduling Manager.  You wouldn’t want me out hammering nails together for your home.

In the meantime, I had won a CycleOps Trainer at a local charity event.  I believe it was for raising a good amount of money for that event.  I figured that it was probably just an “ok” trainer – since it was given away as a prize (and, most likely, donated to the event organizer).

I never really used the CycleOps until my 1UpUSA trainer became too cumbersome to use.  So – I transferred my bike over and started to use it.  I seemed to be spinning like crazy on this trainer, and I felt like I was really flying.  On a side note, it sounded like I was flying…..a jet engine.  That baby was loud.  My wife would come down to my pain cave and ask me to turn down the TV (which had to be loud enough to hear over the whir of the trainer).

The folks at 1UpUSA released their newer version of trainer last year.  I had contacted the company, and they agreed to send me a new version to try out and review on this site.  How could I pass up an offer like that (and – truth be told – I think they knew that I’d like it enough to buy it from them – which I did!).

Now, the one thing that the new 1UpUSA trainer was missing from the old version was the ability to change the difficulty level.  On my first trainer from them, I was able to add/remove ball bearings for an easier or harder ride.  Of course, I don’t think I ever changed from the easier setting – but – it was nice to know I could have if I wanted.

The new trainer seemed to be set on the side of “more difficult,” and I found that it was more difficult to push than the older one.  Of course, it may have been because I’d been using the CycleOps and found that one really easy to pedal.

And – for some time – I kept the CycleOps trainer  out and the new 1UpUSA trainer in the back room (with a guilty feeling for spending that money on the new one).  Yep!  I admit it!  I was wimping out by using the loud easy-to-pedal CycleOps.

As I started to get my lazy butt back on the bike to get ready for this Spring, I was ready to continue with the CycleOps; however, it dawned on me that I’d be in a lot better shape if I pedaled through the more difficult 1UpUSA trainer setting.  And –  since it’s so much more quiet than the other one – I think I’m going to stick with it!

That CycleOps will stay in the closet for now – and can be used if any of my cycling buddies decide to come over and join me for an indoor ride this Winter.

Ride on!

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