Video Review – Spinervals Virtual Ride 7.0 – Kona, HI Part Three

IMG_0445Aloha!  From what I understand – aloha can mean both “hello” and “goodbye” in Hawaii.  I started off the first part of this DVD review with that word – and that’s how I am starting off the final part of this review.  And, may I say, it’s none too soon!

“I don’t know about you, but I’ll be happy to get off the bike,” says Coach Troy with about 7 1/2 minutes to go in this third and final DVD of the Kona, HI virtual ride of the Iron Distance triathlon course.  That’s the understatement of the year!

Essentially, this DVD is really just the first DVD in reverse.  If you’ve read that first part, you’ll know it was essentially a long, flat course with barren, moonlike landscapes.  Ho hum!  Not much to report.  And there’s not much to report on this DVD that would be really different from the first one.

You stay in Big Ring/15 for the majority of this DVD.  The highlights of this section are:

  1. You get to stand up every once in awhile – not really to go up any hills, but it gives you something else to do.
  2. You get to see the clock finally reach “minutes” instead of “hours” to go – a thrill in and of itself.
  3. The final 10 seconds of the ride are a lot like New Year’s Eve (at least it was for me – I anxiously counted down in a loud voice and then cheered and threw imaginary confetti when I reached the end).

Yeah….it was pretty boring.  In fact, I happened to notice that somewhere in the last half hour, Coach Troy’s helmet cam went missing.  It disappeared somehow.  I thought about this (plenty of time to think on this ride), and my theory is that the GoPro Camera had enough of this long, boring flat ride and left to go do what it was made to do – film exciting things like cool mountain bike rides or cliff diving.  It simply had enough……….lucky camera.

So, I won’t drone on any longer on this ride.  I made it through – but I don’t think I’ll come back to this one.  If you have to choose between looking at a wall or this workout, the workout would probably win.  Otherwise, I’d recommend using your money to buy Dumb and Dumber and just spin and watch that 3-4 times.  You’ll get to see those fun scenes from Part 2 – and the entire movie – and it’ll be much more interesting, and it’ll take you less than 3 weeks to push yourself through it.

Now that this is done, I’ve completed all of the On the Road Series Virtual Rides that are currently offered by the folks at Spinervals.  I’ll do a quick summation post where I rank all of the rides in one tidy little post.

Ride on!

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