Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 5.0 – Louisville, KY Part Two

Here's a shot at the end of Part Two

Here’s a shot at the end of Part Two

Let me start by first saying I was wrong in my Part One of this video.  I said that the “breaks” on this video only showed a map of the ride (which I liked) – but Coach Troy didn’t take time to talk to me/you as the rider like he did in earlier videos.  Well, as I started up today (right after Section C break), the group stopped and Coach Troy did his usual stop-and-converse.  He did it one other time (right after Section D break) – so I stand corrected.  The group still doesn’t seem like they are too cohesive – not overly friendly, so they probably just don’t know each other too well.

As for this section of the ride, it was more challenging than the first hour – and I did enjoy it a bit more.  The Out-and-Back section that starts off this second hour must have been designed by my father (or one of my grandfathers).  Why?  It seemed like it was kind of uphill – both ways.  We were just missing the snow and a set of schoolbooks.

The Out-and-Back took up the majority of this section of the ride.  I liked it, and I know it worked.  By the end of this hour, I noticed that I wasn’t keeping the RPM pace up.

Speaking of RPM pace, I find that I’m typically about 10 RPM lower than what Coach Troy is recommending in the Big Ring/15 and harder.  I guess I’m in worse shape than I like to think I am.  The easier gear selection is no problem.  In fact, I can easily over-achieve.

While spinning through this section, I continued to think about the riders – and the lack of their cohesion.  I can’t help but wonder if some of them aren’t typically cyclists.  A few things that lead me to this conclusion:

  • Three of the four riders are not wearing riding gloves.  Coach Troy is one of these – so that may discount this clue.
  • A few seem a little extra wobbly when coming to stops at intersections.  Maybe it’s because they’re doing the whole ride at once – instead of sections like me.
  • One of the riders just might be wearing underwear under his/her cycling shorts.  I’m not going to tell you which one (because I could be wrong).  You’ll just have to watch and see if you think so, too.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter – but it could explain why there isn’t much banter between the riders.  Coach Troy just continues to give you training tips like he did when it was just him riding alone.  Even though I understand that there are different ways to train and race, it is kind of funny that he tells you that you could pedal hard down the hills to get going on a race – OR – you could pedal hard going up the small hills to gain an edge – OR – you could just coast down the hill and conserve energy.

It reminds me of that one scene from Robin Hood:  Men in Tights where Maid Marian is explaining why she can kiss Robin but couldn’t go “all the way” – unless, of course, they were married – OR – the male pledged his undying love to her – OR – well, you get the picture.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, find that movie and watch it now!

I’m a little worried about the final section of this ride – only because there is about an hour and twenty minutes left.  The last time I did that, it seemed like a very looooong ride.  Hopefully, the climbs will be mixed in – and this last section will go pretty well.

Ride on!

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