Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 5.0 – Louisville, KY Part One

IMG_0367Jumped back on the bike last night to start the next Spinervals Virtual Ride.  This ride is the 5th in the series of the “On the Road” series – and it previews the cycling course of the Iron Distance triathlon in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you’ve read any of my other reviews of the longer virtual rides (2 hours and up), you’ll know that I break the videos into more bite-size segments – because that’s how I do them.  I can spare an hour or so to hop on the trainer; however, I have too many other things on my agenda to do a 3-hour video in one sitting.  If you’re training hard-core, go for it.  The rest of us everyday cyclists can break it up and still get the entire ride done. For Part One, I rode to the second “break” spot in the video.  I use quotes because, unlike earlier virtual rides where Coach Troy (and the group) stop for a few seconds and speak directly to you on the video, this video pops up the map as the group continues riding to the next section.  I kind of miss the stop and direct conversation of the earlier videos.  It made the earlier videos more personal.  This video was missing something – and it took me a bit to figure it out.  Similar to the RIDES video I reviewed earlier, I felt a little more like I was the new rider on the local bike club’s weekly organized ride.  Sure, they acknowledged me, but it wasn’t as welcoming as the earlier virtual rides. I’m not sure if Troy didn’t know these other riders as well, but the camaraderie between the riders (like in Virtual Ride 4.0) just wasn’t there.  It made the ride less interesting.  Maybe this was more like a local bike club organized ride of all the late arrivers.  They don’t really know each other.  They just ride because they showed up and had someone to ride with. IMG_0368Speaking of those “break areas,” Troy added an image of the actual map they were riding.  This is the first time an actual map was displayed in the On The Road series – and it was nice to see the sections you were going to be riding next.  Troy helps by explaining what the next section is as the group enters it. The ride itself in this part was fairly easy physically – a bit tougher mentally.  Coach Troy tells you that this is a “long aerobic endurance workout.”  What exactly does that mean?  It’s very much the same gear for most of the ride – and that gear is not too difficult.  You can tell that this is the case when you consider the quotes from Troy (and these are not on my list of #favCoachTroyisms):

  • “Keep it consistent.”
  • “Don’t get bored.”
  • “Continue in that same gear.”
  • “You have to be mentally prepared for these long easy rides.”
  • “That’s what long aerobic endurance training rides are for.”

There are three cameras used in the filming of this video:  the CarCam, CoachTroyCam (mounted to his helmet) and one other helmet cam for the other male rider.  The CarCam and CoachTroyCam were the same quality as the last video – which is pretty good.  The third camera, however, was unfortunately used for a good portion of the ride.  Not sure why (did that rider provide the funding for this video?) – as the video quality on that camera was pretty poor.  How poor?  Pick the best description from below:

  1. Looked like I was looking through my riding glasses, but I hadn’t cleaned the sweat from the last ride (Ewwww!)
  2. Looked like I may have been riding in an oil painting instead of real life.
  3. Looked like I was watching the Tour de France on one of those rainy/cloudy days (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the video is really fuzzy and static-y).

I think the highlight of this part of the ride for me was passing a guy on a recumbent bike.  I was a little worried his flag-on-a-long-pole would get caught in my spokes as we passed him.  Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. 🙂 I’m hoping that there will be some climbs in Kentucky in the upcoming segments.  Coach Troy’s consistent mentions of the “long aerobic endurance workout” leads me to believe the hills may be few and far between.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that this ride is being marketed incorrectly.  The wording on the back of the DVD says this is an “aerobic endurance building workout” – so it is true to the workout. My Part Two Review will probably be Thursday. Ride on!

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