Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 4.0 – Madison, WI Part Three

IMG_0342I jumped back on the bike this evening eagerly anticipating a shorter (and final section) to this virtual ride.  If you’ve been following along, Part One was fine.  Part Two seemed to drag (maybe it was the hour and 20 minute time period).  I was ready to get this ride over.

Fortunately – as I give my regards to that classic movie, Dumb & Dumber for this next reference – just when I thought the ride couldn’t get any boring-er, Coach Troy goes and does something like this…………………….and kinda redeems himself!!  Yes, this last section proved to be the best of the three.  Maybe it was because it was only a little over 40 minutes (15 miles or so).  Maybe it was because I was anxiously waiting to get to the end of the ride.  Maybe it was because it was one of those days where I just needed to jump on the bike and hammer away (aka the Angry Ride – another post for another day).

Whatever it was, this last section was pretty nice.  The varied climbing that I really like in the virtual rides returned.  There were sections where Coach Troy tells you to stand and stretch it out while going over a tougher part of the climb.  Of course, he stays seated – and points that out a number of times (dang him, anyway!).  It was nice to be able to use the Big Ring/13-12 Rear Cog set-up for part of this section of the ride.

The scenery didn’t change terribly much.  I think I had my fill of Troy pointing out more cornfields.  Other than that, Troy continues to give different tips about riding.  Perhaps one of the best parts is when he is telling you that the group really should be riding more in single file than what they are – as passing motorists would be a little happier.  The driver of an SUV then passes them and waves out the window – and it’s very possible it was a one-finger wave (if you know what I mean….and I think you do….).

Coach Troy also teaches you a little bit about the different types of riders that seem to be in every ride.  He jokes with one of his fellow cyclists about being the “one who always needs to be in front.”  A little later on, Troy continues to kid around as he assumes that the rider fell behind because he thinks “his rear brake must be rubbing his tire” (classic excuse when riding slow on a ride).   Then, as the ride comes to an end, Jen – the rider who was having trouble at the beginning of Part Two – darts to the front and finishes out the ride.  You guessed it – she turns out to be the classic Sandbagger.

So, I guess to sum up my thoughts on the Virtual Ride 4.0 – it’s an ok video to have in your collection.  It’s not my first choice, but it still adds to the collection if/when you find yourself stranded indoors for part of the year.  Although the video breaks seem like natural places to stop (if you like to break up the workout into different days like I do), I’d highly recommend stopping as follows:

  1. At the first video Break Area
  2. At the end of the 2nd hour

This way, you’ll get three evenly-timed days of indoor training.  Best of all, that middle section won’t drag nearly as much.  Get through that section, and you’ll be good to go.

Looks like the next video in the series takes me to Kentucky.  Will report in when I tackle that one.  In the meantime…..

Ride on!

For your convenience, here’s a link to the video I just reviewed:


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