Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 4.0 – Madison, WI. Part One

Yes.  I’m showing up all around the country.  It’s just like that special effects green screen used by Wayne and Garth in the Wayne’s World movie – when their show is commercialized.  They travel to fantastic places – and then end up in…….Delaware.  No offense to Delawarians – that’s just the script.

For me, I’m now cycling in the great state of Wisconsin in the next installment of my complete review of all of the Virtual Rides DVD’s that are created by the folks at Spinervals.  If you’ve read my review of Virtual Ride 2.0, you already know that I break up the longer rides into smaller chunks that fit better into my everyday lifestyle.  I’m far from a professional cyclist and try to fit rides in that suit my schedule.  I’ve done that for this DVD workout, too.

The entire Madison, WI ride is just short of 3 hours (2 hours and 55 minutes is the start of the countdown).  As with all of these longer workouts, Coach Troy throws in some Rest Stops along the way – where he stops his bike and talks to you for a brief moment before hitting the next section.  Those rest stops are typically placed at perfect time intervals if you’re not planning on doing the entire thing in one sitting.  The only downside to breaking up the rides is the fact that you may get started on the next leg on the next day and be climbing right away (no real time to warm up).  But we’re cyclists, darn it!  We can do it!

IMG_0336Let me start out by saying that this is the first of the Virtual Ride series that Coach Troy includes a group of riders with him.  He has one additional male rider and two female riders (total of 4 on the screen).  I have to say that this is a nice change.  I mean – if you’re going to spend about three hours of your life watching the spandex-covered butts of riders in front of you, you might as well have your choice of which butts to look at.  At the risk of getting a well-deserved slap from my wife, I made my choice.

With the addition of these extra riders, Coach Troy adds a second helmet cam into the mix – for a total of 3 cameras to catch the action (the CarCam is the third).  I guess this adds a little to the mix, but I didn’t really find it was necessary – but it did give a variation on which butts were on-screen (see my last paragraph).  Quite honestly, I’m not as fond of the helmet cams – as they easily make me dizzy on my screen.  Unfortunately, the first 17 minutes of the workout are all from the two different helmet cams.  Needless to say, I had to look around a good bit or the paramedics would have been called when I fell off my bike after a major dizzy spell.

Speaking of the first 17 minutes, this workout shows just how close to reality these rides are.  Coach Troy gets the team lost!  Every time I watch this workout, I know when to tell them to turn right.  I yell at the screen every time, but they still don’t listen (spoiler:  It’s at 2:47 on the timer).  Maybe, you’ll have better luck if you yell at them.

Coach Troy knows it’s coming earlier – and finally admits it when it happens.  This is when my #favCoachTroyisms happen:  “We’re not lost….yet,” and “No.  We’re not lost…………Hmmmmmmmmm……maybe we are lost.”  Classic lines that will make you snicker.  It’s nice that they left this in the workout.  Too many people would have been worried it’d make them look bad, and that section would have ended up on the film editor’s floor (ok – figuratively, I know this is digitally made – don’t break a chain…).  I think it’s what continues to make Coach Troy real and likable.

The rest of the first hour is fairly flat.  You shift between small ring front/15 on the rear and large ring front/15 on the rear for most of the ride.  It was a nice ride the day after my Virtual Ride 3.0 Workout B, because it was more of a spinning session.  This section is fairly flat.

How do you know it’s flat?  Coach Troy talks about all of the corn fields – and corn fields are usually on flatter land.  It’s funny, but you’d think that – being in Wisconsin – you’d see the fields where they grow all of that cheese.  Corn’s grown in Iowa, isn’t it?  At the very least, someone could have had a cheesehead helmet.

Anyway, I’ll be tackling the next section of the DVD in the upcoming days.  If the winter weather kills my appointment for tomorrow, there’s a chance it’ll happen then.  If not, it’ll probably be early next week.  I plan on getting out in the mountains on Sunday.

Until then….Ride on!


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