Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 2.0 Part Two

Here’s Part Two (of Three) of my video review for Spinervals Virtual Ride 2.0 Video in Lake Placid, NY.  If you missed Part One, you may want to read that first to keep up.

While Part One was more of a faster, rolling section, Part Two (approximately an hour) starts ramping it up a bit.  There is some more climbing in this section and I was sweating harder than the first section as the route took me on some more rolling hills.  It was nice to have some areas to stand and stretch the legs out.

Video quality remains good (see Part One).  Audio is pretty good – still with one glitch on the up close, side view of Coach Troy encouraging you along your ride.  This time, however, there is no audio at all (Part One had a section that was covered by pounding wind) – so, if you’re not a lip reader (I am not), you can make up anything you want for words of encouragement.

I don’t think I mentioned this yesterday.  As the workout progresses, Coach Troy continues to look back at you “to see if you’re still there.”  It’s part of his way of interacting with you and making you truly feel like you’re riding along with him (unlike the RIDES video, where you feel like you’re the extra person the riders just tolerated because you showed up (see my Review)).  It’s funny – but I find myself talking back to Troy when he continually tells me he’s looking back to see if I’m still there.  “Oh, I’m here Coach Troy!  You just worry about yourself.  I’m doing just fine!!”  🙂

Being true to its name, the Virtual Ride continues.  More construction zones are entered.  You even get to watch out for grooved pavement.

I’ve used the middle two sections of the video for this breakout.  The occasional stops along the way make for great places to stop the video if you decide to break up the almost 3-hour video into shorter training rides like I do.  Sometimes, when breaking it up like this, you may need to spin for a few minutes before restarting.  Otherwise, you’ll end up climbing before you’re all warmed up.

Oh!  I forgot to mention some of the memorable quotes from Coach Troy (see my twitter feed suggestion #favCoachTroyisms) – and these may not be exact quotes, but they’re close:

  1.  “I’m sorry you have to be staring at my butt all day….”
  2. “Wheeled bobsled rides.  Maybe we’ll do that later.”

I wonder what good quotes await for me in Part Three.  If all goes as planned, this will be tomorrow’s review.

Ride on!

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