Video Review: Spinervals Virtual Ride 2.0 Part 3

Well – Here it is.  The final part of my review for Spinervals Virtual Ride 2.0 – Lake Placid, New York.  If you’ve missed the first two parts, here are the links to them:

Let me first start off by giving you a little update on a few things.  I have to admit, I actually stopped Part Two (and started Part Three) at the Turn-around section of the out-and-back of Haselton Road.  That was not meant to mislead – it was just a matter of a problem I was having with my cycling trainer.  It was rubbing – making the pedaling transition between very hard to very easy.  So, I figured I’d stop there for the day.  As I started the last leg (which would end up being 1:07 long), I switched over to a CycleOps trainer that I had won at an organized event years ago.  Will have to do a review between the two in a future post – but, for today’s review, it helped immensely (though I couldn’t hear both my music and Coach Troy’s coaching over the whirrrrrr – so I opted to ditch the music today).

Whew!  Now that I came clean on that little “indiscretion,” I can – without ill conscience – continue with my review!

The last section of the Lake Placid Training Ride is the climax of the ride.  The first section was mostly flat and fast.  The second section started intensifying the climbs.  This last section has more climbing than flat – and it felt good!  The scenery remains beautiful along the way.  Video quality is good and there are no problems with audio (of course, I don’t remember any close-up, side views in this section where audio problems would usually occur).

The real-feel of the ride also continues.  Yes, there is a little more construction, but it doesn’t delay the ride at all in this last section (actually, I think it was really at the end of what should have been Part Two, as you roll into the final rest stop).  Coach Troy continues his encouraging and direct banter with you.  He doesn’t keep looking back in this section to see if you’re still riding behind him (as referenced in Part Two).  I guess he figures that, if you hung with him this long, you’re not going anywhere.

Troy doesn’t let you down – as he continues to have some memorable quotes (see my Twitter suggestion for #favCoachTroyisms in Part One).  Here are some of my favorites (again, may not be exact quotes, but close):

  • “You want to keep it clean down there – if you know what I mean……and I think you do….”
  • “You have to keep your speed up so the bugs don’t get you!”
  • “Don’t lose your focus.  When you lose your focus, your cadence goes down.  When your cadence goes down, guess what happens……You Go Slower!”

He also encourages you to put on your own music – whatever keeps your motivation and spinning up.  He suggests Metallica – if that works for you.  I’m man enough to admit that, surprisingly, Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” actually keeps my cadence up (but I digress, and that might be a post in itself….).

Fortunately, Troy acknowledges that some people may burn upwards of 3,000 calories during the entire video – and says you just might want to treat yourself to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  I just happen to love ice cream (well….peanut butter, marshmallow milkshakes to be exact) – so this sits well with me!

The ride culminates in a series of hills named for the three bears:  Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear (in that order).  You guessed it, the hills get a little bit harder each time.  But, boy do they feel great – the kinds of hills that you hate to love/love to hate!  Of course, had I done the entire video at one time (instead of broken into three parts), I just might have got off and pushed my bike (which would have looked really funny in my basement as I tried to push the bike on its trainer).

And there you have it!  The final part to my three-part review of the Spinervals Virtual Ride 2.0 – Lake Placid, NY.  It’s certainly a fun workout and you won’t go wrong adding this one to your collection.  I’ll next tackle Virtual Ride 3.0 in Tuscon, AZ.  I know what awaits for me on this video – so I may need a day or two to prepare for Workout A (which you’ll know why when I give my review).

Ride on!

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