Video Review: Spinervals 2.0 Sweating Buckets

IMG_0209Happy Anniversary (to Weekend Warrior Mag that is)!  One year ago today, I posted my first entry into this fun little cycling blog.  It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed – and my stats show I was able to double my readership over the past year.  I’ll look to double it again for this year – so thanks to my subscribers!

It’s only fitting that I should do a Spinervals workout for the one-year anniversary.  I own a lot of their workouts and generally find them fun to do.  Today, I was feeling a little lazy after a bad night of sleep, so (admittedly) I chose 2.0 Sweating Buckets for two reasons:

  1. The cover says it is only 45 minutes long.
  2. The Difficulty Rating was 7.5 out of 10 (vs. 9 – 9.5 on some others).

It turns out, the workout is closer to an hour long – so I was duped into doing a longer workout than I had planned (which was good for me anyway).  Difficulty was just about right.  I might place it a little bit higher, because of the new trainer I’m using, but I’m not complaining (well…..too much).

This video is one of the first in the series offered by Coach Troy.  Hmmmmmm……maybe that’s why the number is 2.0 (my advanced-math-class son would be so proud of me).  The video quality is not high definition, but it’s decent enough to see what is going on.  Coach Troy’s wardrobe also dates the video a bit (sport shorts and a polo shirt) – but that’s just me being picky.

IMG_0208The riders are a good cross section of riders.  From the Emilio-Estevez-from-Breakfast-Club guy to the 70 year old retired judge.  OK – can I take a moment to say that I was ready to rip on the old guy as part of my inappropriate competitiveness – but he did great at the workout.  I can only hope I can pedal half as hard as him when I’m that age.  The rider I ended up yelling at for slacking was actually another rider in the video – but we won’t mention any names (but he happens to be right beside the judge…..).

The workout itself is divided into a few main sets after the initial warm up of 30 seconds on (Big Cog/15) and 30 seconds at easy pace (Small Cog/15)

For the first set, Coach Troy gets you spinning fast!  You stay in the Small Cog/15 for the entire set.  For 6 reps, he has you spin fast (trying to get to 120 RPM) for 20 seconds.  Then, you have 40 seconds at an easy pace.  I’m not sure if it’s the new trainer OR if I didn’t watch my cadence in the past, but those 6 times were pretty rough to keep around 120 RPM.  I’ll admit that I stayed mostly in the 1-teens.

If I remember correctly, I always seem to be 10-15 RPM slower than Troy’s suggested RPM on the virtual rides, so it’s either this trainer (on the CycleOps, I can hit his suggested RPM) OR I’m just that much slower…

The second set of the workout consists of a ladder workout.  Troy suggests different gear ratios for different lengths of time.  You start out in the hardest gear ratio (Big Cog/12) for 30 seconds.  Drop back down to Small Cog/15 for 30 seconds to rest.  He runs you through easier gear ratios on the Big Cog for longer periods – each increasing by 30 seconds until you get to 2 minutes long.  Then, he starts shortening the harder gear ratio by 30 seconds – jumping a few rear cogs so that it gets harder as you come back down the other side of the time ladder.  I’m not sure if my explanation makes sense, but it’s a nice set.

The third set is one of my favorite sections – and it involves standing on the pedals.  Troy works you through a varied set of gears where he has you standing for 30 seconds – and seated at an easy spin for the next 30 seconds.  It’s weird to hope for the hard gear ratios, but you will want them in this workout.  Standing on Small Cog/15 is tougher than you think!  Bring on Big Cog/12!

The next set brings back the fast spinning just like the first step – but Troy gives you a little break this time.  He only asks you to do 5 reps instead of 6.  He’s kind like that….

The final set is a fun way to end.  You get to do 3 – 30 second intervals on different gear ratios.  For the first 10 seconds, you go at 90% effort.  The second 10 seconds – 95% effort.  The final 10 seconds – 100% effort.  It’s work – and a lot of fun!

You might want to pick this workout up.  It’s part of the Fitness Series by Spinervals – which is more basic than the Competition Series.  For the cycling enthusiast, you won’t feel cheated.

I do wonder if this workout was redone, though.  I looked at the “Live Preview” on the Spinervals site – and they aren’t the people in my workout…  Maybe the wrong video is posted to this workout.  Otherwise, you may not see the judge or Emilio Estevez (or the slacker).

Ride on!

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