Video Review: Spinervals 1.0 No Slackers Allowed

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Isn’t it weird? It’s like they’re pedaling outside – only they’re not going anywhere….

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  Time to throw the bike back on the trainer and get my indoor riding started again.  The days are getting shorter – and time runs out for me to get out on the road (and……it is getting a little chillier and I can be somewhat wimpy in the colder weather).

So, as I prepared for the indoor session, I had to choose which video I have not yet reviewed.  When looking through my stacks, I figured that I might as well start “at the beginning.”  Spinervals 1.0 – No Slackers Allowed was one of the first of the Competition Series offered by Coach Troy and the folks at Spinervals (hence the 1.0).

Now, I’ll admit that I also chose this DVD because it touted a 45-minute session.  I had mountain biked a little over 11 miles yesterday with the Juniata College Cycling Club on the Allegrippis Trail System (which I’ll report on separately) – so, admittedly, I wanted to do a shorter workout.  Never mind the Difficulty Rating at 9.0 (out of 10).  Nothing to worry about…

The video quality isn’t the best – and the outfits are a little bit dated – but, hey, it was done in 1997, so we’ll forgive them on both of these points.  Video production and clothing styles have both been updated since.  The important part is the workout itself – and this one delivers!

The setting is a beautiful lake front – which is nice to look at – but a little weird to have stationary bikes on the shores of a lake.  I appreciate the fact that you don’t have to look at other people stuck inside a room, too – but it just seems so darn unnatural.

Coach Troy takes you through a number of different interval sessions – and – you can feel the burn as the sessions repeat themselves in each interval.  You get sucked in to the first part – thinking that it’ll be a piece of cake – only to find out that it does in fact wear you out as you keep progressing through the intervals.

You get superspin training.  You get to crank the hard gears – both sitting and standing.  You even get to do a simulated prologue time trial for about 5 minutes – going at 100% exertion with Coach Troy yelling at you (in a supportive way, of course) to keep going hard through the entire time.  To complete the Tour de France simulation, he should stand behind a car door and yell through a radio (but that’d just be silly…).

I think my favorite interval section is the last one.  You start off doing a superspin in an easy gear.  Switch up to the hardest gear ratio to spin hard for a few more seconds.  Then, you end in a standing sprint.  You do that a number of times to finish out the workout.

Then the cool-down comes, with about 6 minutes left.  Ahhhhhhh!  Nice easy spinning after a tough workout.  Coach Troy starts congratulating you and…..hey!  A few of the riders start getting off their bikes!  What’s up with that?!?  Editing didn’t catch it – and they’re all back on the bikes to get the final “thank you” from Coach Troy.  I guess I’ll forgive them.


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Get back on those bikes and keep pedaling to nowhere!

Just then, it happens again!  A few minutes left and the cyclists stop and dismount.  I find myself yelling at the screen telling them to quit wimping out and get back on their bikes and finish the session.  Yeah!  I yell at the screen – but it’s all part of the fun.  The credits start rolling against a black screen – so I guess I wouldn’t see them riding anyway.  The cajoling of the riders for stopping early just lets me feel a bit superior to them (that’s right pro-triathlete and pro-duathlete, I outlasted both of you!). 🙂

See proof in that photo to the right ————————>

All joking aside, this DVD workout (or direct download) is a good one to have in your collection.  At 45 minutes, it’s easy to fit in – but it’s not super-easy to do.  I think you’ll be happy adding this one to your collection!

Here’s a quick link if you’re looking to pick this one up:


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