Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 7 Recap (Angels + The Hunted)

AngelsOk…Ok….You got me.  This review is a day late – and I have to admit that’s because I did this Stage one day later than I was supposed to.  Maybe I’ll be thrown out of the Tour of Sufferlandria.  Maybe I’ll be looked down upon.  Real life just got in the way of my virtual racing – and I took the time to celebrate with my wife for a new job offer she received instead of hitting the pedals.

Maybe I’ll be cut a break.  After all, they let Lance Armstrong race for the second part of this Stage – so my one day digression should be overlooked!

IMG_0240Today’s Stage consisted of two of The Sufferfest videos:  Angels and The Hunted.  Both workouts were around an hour long – and the focus of both is climbing!  My AppleTV wasn’t working again – so I ended up watching the videos on my iPad.  Unfortunately, that means I don’t have many great pictures to show in this post.  I had freestyle skiing and snowboarding on the big screen (I hate to waste that big screen on nothing) – and I’m glad I had that on (since there seemed to be more time for me to look away from the workouts than other ones I’ve done).

I think both of these video workouts were very early in the entire Sufferfest series – sort of like they just had their training wheels taken off.  The onscreen graphics were more limited than the other workouts – all of the prompts for riding and/or music shared the same space (so one would have to be removed for the other).  A number of typos in the onscreen orders being barked at you were evident.  And, it seemed that the narrative between sections seemed to be longer than other workouts.

That being said, the workouts are still pretty good.  They are not as hard as some of the other climbing videos (The Wretched was harder), but they keep a pretty good pace (and my legs do feel like they rode about 40 miles).  I was worried when I saw TWO 1-hour videos in one stage.  It turns out that they were very do-able.  Maybe it was just that the Minions weren’t 100% evil yet – only ill-tempered (and that’s a start).


In Angels, you get to do some competitive climbing with the Schleck brothers once again.  Maybe they are just mad about me dropping them in A Very Dark Place and wanted revenge on me.  One of them should be mad – since he was only referred to as “the other Schleck.”  Geez.  No respect.

The-huntedIn The Hunted, you get to do a lot of climbing – even getting out in front of the pack.  That dang train full of Sufferlandrians quickly puts an end to your lead.  How “ill-tempered” of The Sufferfest to think of that.

Now that I’m a Stage back, I need to figure out how I’m going to get back up to even.  Not sure if I’ll do Stage 8 this evening or double up tomorrow.  I told my daughter that I thought about doing it this evening – but didn’t know if I wanted to do nearly 4 hours on the bike in one day.  She quickly reminded me that I had picked her up after doing 6 hours of ballet (in other words, suck it up, Dad!).  We’ll see!

Ride on!

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