Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 5 Recap (Extra Shot + The Wretched)

ExtraShotCoverArtIt was less than 24 hours since I had completed Stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria before I started Stage 5.  Not sure if I’d be able to do it, I spent a good part of the pre-stage time period drinking fluid – a lot of fluid.

Today’s stage encompassed two different Sufferfest workouts – and I knew they would be tough!

Extra Shot is true to its name – being an “extra shot” of suffering.  It’s only 20 minutes long – but has you racing over cobbles and up a number of climbs.  It’s everything you can love to hate in a shorter time period.  The folks at Sufferfest tell you it’s a good workout to either add on to other workouts OR do when pressed for time.

There is no introductory warmup.  Nothing to tell you what the Pavlovian sounds mean.  It might be confusing for a new rider (if this is the first one they try out), but it’s easy to catch on.  The onscreen directions are clear and easy to follow (though not always easy to do).  The music is, once again, fantastic!  The Sufferfest humor is, once again, fantastic!

Unfortunately, I was having technical difficulties with the AppleTV again – causing me to “flat” just a few minutes into this workout.  I growled as I ran around the house trying to figure out what to do.  Eventually, I moved the video off the MacBook onto my iPhone.  I spent the rest of the workout AND the next watching it on my phone.  That’s a big change from my 120″ movie screen (and not nearly as much fun).

Wretched ClipI had recently completed the second workout – The Wretched – and gave it a pretty thorough review in the past.  No need to tell you about it again.  You should read it, though.  It was my very first experience with The Sufferfest!

We’re out of the mountains tomorrow – and focusing on some speed work.

Ride on!

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