Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 3 Recap (Revolver)

revolver1Stage 3 of the Tour of Sufferlandria happened today.  I have to say that I was looking at the length of this workout (45 minutes) and I was thinking to myself that I was happy it was a shorter workout than yesterday – thinking that the shorter time translated to an easier workout.  When I finished, I WAS happy it was a shorter workout – but only because I really didn’t want to go any further.

This workout, Revolver, was 45 minutes of speed interval training.  You are treated to 15 intense efforts of 100 RPM cycling for 1 minute.  Between each of those hard 1 minute intervals, you get to do 1 minute of recovery.  Now, I’m not positive, but I seem to think the minions do mess with the clock.  That 1 minute of recovery goes a heck of a lot faster than the 1 minute of misery effort!  (On a side note, I think they might be the same minions who always fill my milkshake cup only halfway – making me get done more quickly than I want to….).

I’m (sort of) happy to report that I had no flats like I did on yesterday’s stage.  Of course, it would have been nice for that to happen.  No luck, though!

After I started spinning, I noted that I forgot my high tech camera (e.g. my iPhone) – so I was worried that I wouldn’t get any good photos of the workout.  Turns out, if I would have taken a first-person view of what I was looking at, this post would be filled with pictures of my floor.  So, I pulled a couple of the photos from The Sufferfest website’s Revolver page (full disclosure here).

No racing for me - just a leisurely ride around the banked corners.

No racing for me – just a leisurely ride around the banked corners.

I was afraid that the entire workout was going to be video coverage of indoor track racing.  That’s not my thing – and I thought the name “Revolver” was based on that.  The closest I’ve come to doing any type of track work was when I had the opportunity to ride the Outdoor Track in Allentown at Bicycling’s Fall Classic.  Fortunately, that only accounted for part of the workout – and they even threw in some downhill mountain bike action and cyclocross.  Of course, I still watched the floor for a good portion of the workout.

The music was top notch once again – music that I would be happy to download (and probably will at some point).  It’s a good mixture of high intensity alternative sounds – sort of like a mash-up of Green Day, The Dead Milkmen and Metallica all in one.

Revolver2The Sufferfest humor didn’t let me down – well, at least what I saw of the screen.  Of course, they picked out the fans holding up signs saying “This is Hell!”  And they took a moment to remind you that you could be doing what “normal people” do – hanging out at the beach!

Oh the humanity!!

The evil folks at The Sufferfest do throw a little surprise in at the end – but I’m not going to spoil the moment.  I’d like you to experience it yourself.  They also show highlights of an interview with the Belgian team at the end of the race.

Something tells me that there are Belgians behind this entire video workout (maybe even ALL of the Sufferfest videos)!  After all, there is video proof that they created other “evil” things….

Ride on!

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