Still Here!

No good photo of me and my road bike - but take a good look at my vehicle and you'll see there's a lot of road salt from our snowy winter!  My bike won't be as clean after our ride tomorrow!

No good photo of me and my road bike – but take a good look at my vehicle and you’ll see there’s a lot of road salt from our snowy winter! My bike won’t be as clean after our ride tomorrow!

It’s been a month since my last post.  Hard to believe how time can fly.  Just thought I’d write something to let you know I’m still here!

I can’t really say what happened.  Maybe the Tour of Sufferlandria pushed me over the edge for indoor training this year.  It took me a few days after I finally finished to even look at the bike again.

Then, a freak warm weekend in our otherwise miserably snowy central PA winter got me to actually get outside and take in a quick ride.  Ahhhhhh!  What bliss!!  Being outside climbing real hills and turning the pedals!

Then the snow and arctic blast returned again….

I just couldn’t think of taking my bike back down into the basement after that little taste of outside.  I had been cooped up too long!  A few times, I decided that the roads weren’t clear enough to ride – so I actually did a few short runs.  I could tell it had been awhile since I ran.  I was slower than normal (which, normally, is pretty slow anyway).

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to ride outside again.  My best friend and I traveled to my brother’s town (about 45 minutes from our house) to enjoy the roads around him.  Those roads have a lot less traffic – and you’re just about as likely to pass some Amish horse-and-buggies as you are to get passed by automobiles.  Again, it was true bliss to be riding outside again.

But the bitter cold and snow returned once again this year – and I still couldn’t bring myself to hook my bike back up to the trainer.  Maybe I’m just lazy – but – I think it’s more cabin fever.

My buddies and I plan on trying our luck mountain biking tomorrow.  There will be some snow on the ground, and we may end up wasting an afternoon.  But, an afternoon wasted with a bike is still good!

The weather today was pretty nice, too!  It actually reached the low 50’s – and I couldn’t let that pass.  So, I jumped on the road bike and got about 20 miles in.  I chose to do the loop we refer to as “The Flats of Mechanicsburg” so I wouldn’t be too tired to mountain bike tomorrow.  Yeah – I’ll probably complain that my legs are tired anyway (but that’s not too different from a lot of my rides).

All this being said, I didn’t feel I had much to share about my life on a bike for the past month – so my blog was pretty silent.  Hopefully I’ll have more in the near future.  The weather forecasts are looking a bit more promising – and nice weather usually breeds good cycling stories.

Hope the weather is treating you right!  Ride on!!

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