MapMyRide is Angering Many Users

I’ve long been a MapMyRide user (here’s my review from way back in 2013).  It’s been my go-to app for both cycling and the little bit of running I do (well MapMyRun) – and I have found that it’s an excellent app for my iPhone.

Since that initial review, the app was purchased by the folks at UnderArmour.  I first noticed this with a small UA logo on the app icon.  Over time, that logo grew in size – and now takes up 25% of the app icon logo.

That part really isn’t that big of a deal.  UnderArmour is most definitely associated with fitness – and – I can make the connection between their apparel and connecting with a fitness app.

For awhile, there really wasn’t that much of a change.  A few weeks ago, though, someone at UnderArmour/MapMyRide must have been reading too many social media marketing posts that say that “content creation” is the marketing of today.  As a result, the “feed” on the app started including little stories and tips between the list of workouts by the connected friends of the user.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to really turn off these marketing messages.  That may be understandable if you’re using the entirely free version of the app.  In today’s standards, that’s a given; however, many (including me) have the paid version of the app (well, I don’t have the MVP version – but I did pay to remove ads years ago).

I was a bit annoyed by these intrusions.  Personally, I’ve never clicked on one of the stories – just scrolled right on by to look at the line of workouts by me and my friends.

mapmyride-screenshotBut – others aren’t taking the addition of marketing messages and stories lightly!  A quick scroll down through the app will show many people complaining about the inability to remove the stories from the feed.

In other situations, hostile interactions between members who don’t even know each other are occurring.  I just read one response where one User told another to “calm down…..maybe if you read some of the tips, you’d have a better run time.”  Ouch!

Many (and you can even see one in the screen shot next to this) are talking of switching over to Strava to get away from the unwanted marketing messages.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.  As with many things, I adapt and just deal with it – knowing that I don’t need to click on any of the tips and stories and I just need to scroll past them to see any workouts I want to review.  On the other hand, I do think that a paid app should consider the fact that a User paid to keep ads away – and give the option to the User to turn these off.

What do you think?  I’d be interested in knowing!

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