Happy New Year! Resolve to Ride!

IMG_0303Happy New Year!  It’s early 2013 and the first month of the year is already half complete as I write this.  Each year, my cycling buddies and I attempt to get out on New Year’s Day for our annual Resolve-to-Ride Ride.  It’s that time when we try to bundle up and venture out into the woods for a mountain bike ride to say that this year we’ll try to find more time to ride, get fitter, etc.

Well, the weather didn’t cooperate so well this year – and we stayed inside.  Scratch that – MOST of us stayed inside.  My brother is a machine and rides in just about any weather.  He suited up and hit the road for about 12-13 miles.  That’s some cold riding in central PA!

I got my ride in alright – about 20 miles or so – but it was in the basement on my trainer.  I popped in one of my favorite virtual rides and followed the route for an hour or so.  Not quite the same as getting outside – but I’m counting it.

The snow subsided enough by last week that my best friend (since 7th grade) and I ventured into the woods.  The photo above is me posing – trying to look manly in the snow (as manly as one can look while wearing long underwear and shorts).  Good, round trip ride in the mountains near our house (maybe 7-8 miles).

So, I guess the new year is officially underway – and so is this blog.  I’m not really sure where this will go.  It is my hope that it’ll become a site that discusses cycling (both road and mountain) for the average person – the one who works, has family commitments, etc.  I’ll post some reviews on things I’ve used and trips I’ve taken – with the hope that some of it will be useful to you.

Most importantly, I want the blog to be a lot of fun.  The funny stories our little group of riders has encountered over the past 14 years is enough to fill a book – and I’m sure, if you’re a similar rider, you’ll relate (and, hopefully, share some of your own).  You’ll find out that I don’t take myself too seriously.  Drop me a line and let me know if there’s anything you think may be of interest to discuss in the future.

Ride on!

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