photoI admit it.  I love my MapMyRide app!  I use it every time I go out for a ride (along with the hardwired cycling computer AND my Garmin GPS unit).  Yep!  I’m pretty much a geek on wheels with all of that technology.

With all of that technology, though, I love the MapMyRide app because it’s so simple.  It automatically feeds into a site that holds all of my rides (in the event that I want to go back and re-live the “glory” rides of the past).  No wires to hook up.  I simply hit START and END – and everything else is done!

And, yes, I have linked the app to my Facebook profile.  It saves all of that messing with email and one more password to remember.  And I’m into easy!  So – the faithful log-in through Facebook makes that easy.

As a result of that Facebook integration, I have the app set so that it posts my rides to my Facebook news stream upon completion of my ride.  Quite honestly, that’s the majority of my contributions to Facebook.  I rarely post anything else there – and only surf through the news stream if I’m really bored and have some time to spare.

Of course, those times that I do read through the news stream, I am often dismayed at how much truly useless information exists.  I get to read about people’s dinners, remodeling projects, deep thoughts, rants, political views, etc.  That’s probably why I’m not on there too much.  Maybe I’m selfish – but I really don’t have much of an interest in a lot of what is posted.  And now, the endorsed posts (= ads) seem to be even more prevalent.

I know I’m not alone with this thought – take a look at what my best friend wrote about social media some time ago on his photography blog/website.  I don’t need to say much more on it – because he said it so well.

All this being said, I came to the conclusion that my GPS postings are as equally uninteresting to those who are my friends on Facebook.  Now, this conclusion wasn’t like a brick hitting me upside the head.  I have been fully aware that there are few (if any) of my friends who really care whether or not I rode 26 miles today.  In fact, most probably have hid me from their wall so they don’t have to see those GPS posts.

And I’m ok with that.  I never feel like I have much interesting to say on Facebook anyway.  I look at GPS posts of my cycling buddies when they post them.  It allows me to compete with them in a way (and I do like to compete – even at inappropriate times).  I’m pretty sure those same buddies do look at my posts – because they’re usually the only ones who make any comments about the ride.

Hmmmm……    Maybe we should create Facebike – a page for cycling enthusiasts to share important cycling updates with each other.  (As a side note – I stopped typing this post to go to to see if it existed yet.)  Good news!  The domain name is for sale!  If you’re a cycling enthusiast – and a web genius – here’s a million dollar idea!

In the meantime, I’ll probably continue to let the app post on my behalf.  At the very least, it lets my friends know that I’m still on this ol’ earth – and pedaling around the area.  Every once in awhile, I’ll even let it post to Twitter – but that’s rare, too.

What do you think?  Is it poor GPS-tiquette to post your rides to social media platforms?


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