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A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had to switch from my regular trainer because it was starting to stick.  In its place, I started using a CycleOPs Trainer (that I had won a few years ago for raising funds at an organized event).  I recently switched back to my first trainer – and thought it was appropriate to tell you a little more about it.

I received my first bike trainer as a Christmas gift.  My wife did some research online – and found that the 1Up USA trainer had great reviews.  Now, she does not share my love of cycling – and was going strictly off reviews she read (which, to be fair, could have been put out by the company itself).  She landed on a bike trainer made by 1Up USA – the model CPR A-2000.  On Christmas morning, I opened up this gift along with my first indoor training DVD’s.



Now, as I said, this was my first trainer.  I had nothing to compare it to – but I liked it.  It was easy to set up – simple instructions – and easy to get my bike into place.  I admit that I was nervous that my bike would find a way to slip out (leading to an incredibly embarrassing wreck in the comfort of my basement).  However, once I got the bike into place, it held firm.  I did get a separate rear wheel to use exclusively on the trainer.  I wasn’t sure if the “holders” would ruin the ends of my wheel hub – and wanted to use a different tire anyway (didn’t want to use up the one I rode outside).

Even though I didn’t really need it, I did purchase a plastic front wheel climbing block (CycleOps brand – because that’s what my local bike store carried).  It just made the bike feel a little smoother – and I didn’t feel like I was going downhill all the time.

I’ve had this trainer for a number of years now – and I’ve done ZERO maintenance on it.  Just this year, I noticed that it started to drag a bit – making my most recent rides a lot tougher than they needed to be.  I’d feel the drag, followed by a loosening.  This gave me a lopsided performance that was making the training more difficult.

So, Saturday morning, I jumped online to and clicked on the “Contact” section.  I emailed them, explained that I’ve done no maintenance, and asked if they had any suggestions, etc.  I fully expected an email back saying that I’d need to replace the entire trainer (or a main part that would have been just as expensive).

Instead, that same afternoon (remember this was on a Saturday), I received a very informative email back from the company.  They included a PDF on the way to clean the resistance unit.  As soon as I had the chance, I followed their easy instructions – wondering if it would work.

If you’ve read my review on 3LC:  Climbing, you’ll note that I changed back to the 1Up USA trainer.  I did this so I could hear the riders and coaches on the DVD better.  This was my first attempt at using the trainer after my self-cleaning.  To my delight, I found it worked like a charm!  It was quiet and the drag was gone.

If you’re looking for a new trainer – whether it’s your first or a replacement – I highly recommend 1Up USA.  As their name implies, they are made in the good ol’ US of A.  Their service (long after the sale) was exemplary, and the quiet, smooth motion is fantastic!

I noted that the trainer I’m writing about is “Currently Out of Stock” on their website.  I also noted that a new frame design is coming “in two weeks.”  I’ve contacted them again – hoping they’ll give me information on the new frame design.  I’ll be sure to pass on any information they give me.

Ride on!

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14 thoughts on “Gear Review: 1Up USA Trainer

  1. Thinks for the great info. I’m currently looking for a trainer and very interested in the 1up, I’ve also emailed looking for a bit more info on an eta and the new design, still waiting. I have also looked at the Kurt Kinetic road machine which looks good but cost a bit more here in Canada. I also like the fact the 1upUSA is made in the USA!

    • Hi, Kane.

      Glad you found the review helpful! I had also placed an email to 1upUSA for more info on their new design – but haven’t yet heard back. If you hear anything, kindly share it (and I’ll do the same). I’m not sure how long that “two weeks” time period was on their site – so it’s hard to say.

      I haven’t seen the Kurt Kinetic, but will be sure to check it out. Thanks for the info.


  2. Hi Brad

    I received an email this morning, looks like they revised the “tensioner” design for the better.
    Also said will be shipping early next week, so I placed my order and hopefully will be here later next week. I did have another look at the Kirk Kinetic but found some negative info about the tensioner wearing out prematurely, also parts made in China.
    The 1Up is made in Wisconsin and I like supporting my cousins south of the border…LOL


    • Sounds like they must have been responding to different folks – as I got a reply, too. They’re going to get me one of the new designs to demo! Thanks for supporting your southern cousins. 🙂

    • Hi, Kane.

      I see the new trainer from 1UpUSA is shown as available now. Did you receive yours? If so, how do you like it?


      • Hi Brad, I’m really enjoying the trainer but have an injured left knee which has prevented me from actually cycling. The trainer has come in handy for rehab until I get the knee thing sorted (ACL repair acting up) The quality of this trainer is amazing to say the least, I even got my wife working out with it! Very solid and quiet, for the training that I do the 1UpUSA should last a long time 🙂

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