Exercise Pros or Psychologists, Explain!

The weather was so warm in Central Pennsylvania yesterday – in the mid-50’s.  The sun didn’t come out – just a bunch of rain.  To have those temperatures in late January, I couldn’t bring myself to jump on the trainer.  I just knew I had to get outside – but the rain kept me from bringing a bike out on the road.

So, I thought I’d mix it up a little bit.  It’s been some time since I went for a run – so I thought I’d do that.  Now, I’m a slow runner.  When I was doing it somewhat regularly, I’d average a 9:00 mile.  run routeI think I broke that record when I did our local Turkey Trot two Thanksgivings ago – but that’s when I was doing more runs.  Yesterday, I was more like 9:24.  Yeah, I walked a few sections…

Speaking of walking, it got me thinking how running is tough, but ok – until I stop running.  Once I start to walk, I find it’s easier to walk in the future.  Bike rides are like that, too.  I can be mashing the gears and stomping on the pedals for some time.  As soon as I give in to the fatigue and slow it down, I find that more breaks follow shortly thereafter.

There must be an official explanation of this – maybe even a vocabulary word I can learn.  If not – it sure would be fun to make up a word.  Remember Sniglets (ok I’m dating myself now).  Seriously, though, does anyone know if there is some sort of trigger or mechanism in the mind (either mental or truly physical) that starts the “break cycle” once the first one is allowed?

I’m curious to know.  If you know (or even have a guess), I’m hoping you’ll share it!

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