Cycling Karma

When you’re an avid cyclist, you often find stories that never seem to go away.  Most are stories that make you laugh long after they’ve passed – and this is just one of my stories.

Our group of riders is really good at picking on each other.  It’s one of the fun things about belonging to any group.  We find good reasons to joke with one another on just about every ride.

Early on in our mountain biking expeditions, my best friend Jason showed up with a brand new pair of cycling gloves.  He was happy to show them off – probably waiting for my admiration.  We were in that phase where each one of us would collect something new to use while biking – only to spur the others on to purchase a similar product.

Instead of my admiration, Jason received nothing but snarky comments from me,  “Ooh!  Aren’t you fancy?!?”  I think I followed up with something about real men not wearing wimpy gloves.  He took the ribbing with great poise – not saying much at all.

We set off on our ride and were taking a technical, loose-shale downhill trail from the parking area where we started.  Not three minutes into the ride, I was down – and landed on my right hand.  One of those loose shale rocks decided to slice my hand open at the palm.

Somehow, the poise Jason had in the parking area fell away just about as fast as I had….   The ribbing was on – and I deserved it!  “Glad I have my wimpy gloves on,” he said with a smile.  You can see that we’re so very empathetic of each others’ woes.

I believe I made it to the end of the ride.  I got home, washed the wound and put on one of those heavy-duty bandages that forms a water bubble cushion at the point of the gash.  Quite honestly, I probably could have used some stitches – but anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big old scaredy-cat with doctors.

Of course, I ended up heading to my favorite bike shop and purchasing my very own pair of wimpy gloves.  To this day (many years later), the reference to that fateful day remains.  I’ve even advanced to have full-fingered wimpy gloves (and even some heavier ones, too).

Have you ever experienced Cycling Karma?  Please share!

Ride on!

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