Can a Cyclist Like an Elliptigo?

I can admit that I’m one that is easily excited by shiny objects and new things – even before I know much about them.  So, when the Elliptigo debuted, I was immediately intrigued.  I did all of the things you typically would do when you have an interest – followed their Facebook page and noted any stories that popped up.  I think I’d like to have one – but there are so many questions that make me reconsider….

1. What exactly is the appropriate attire to wear when riding an Elliptigo?  I’m used to wearing padded cycling shorts when I go out for a spin.  While this is somewhat like a bike, there doesn’t appear to be any need to wear shorts with an imbedded chamois.  I’d just look like a guy running in a black diaper.  I suppose just running shorts and sneakers (yeah, a shirt, too).

2. Could other cyclists take me seriously if I rode an Elliptigo on a group ride?  If I take a cue from my riding buddies, probably not.  They’d heckle me – at least until they were out of sight.  Something tells me I wouldn’t be able to go the same speed as the rest of the group.  Wouldn’t they be surprised (mad?), though, if I were able to pass them on a climb up a (paved) mountain road?  I know I’d hate to get passed by one – it almost ranks up with being passed by a tandem bike on a climb (yeah – it happens.  As a non-tandem cyclist, I just tell myself that they can pass me because there are two of them pedaling at once.  It makes me feel better………Stop judging me!).  🙂

3. Who exactly could/would I ride with?  I couldn’t go out with my best friend – even if he would agree to use an Elliptigo (which he wouldn’t).  I just don’t think I’d feel comfortable riding around town side-by-side with him (or any male).  My wife has no interest in cycling.  While she does run on the treadmill, she has already told me that she would not use an Elliptigo.  Something also tells me that she really wouldn’t want me finding another female to join me.  So, it looks like I’d have to go out on my own.  That seems hardly worth it.

4. How, exactly, do you control one of these machines down a steep incline?  I’m sure that – just like a bike – this would come with time.  I just imagine myself as George Jetson on that crazy space treadmill that goes way too fast for him to control.  It seems certain that a trip to the emergency room would probably follow.

It’s funny.  When I watch the promotional videos for the Elliptigo, they look really cool.  The riders, themselves, look really cool.  They sure do seem like they’d be a lot of fun – but, as a cyclist, these questions continue to nag me.

One local couple has their very own pair of Elliptigos.  I spotted them one day when I was driving home.  When I passed them on another day, I stopped to talk to them.  They loved them and told me to go to the local bike store that carried them to take a test drive.

So, I guess that there are too many questions unanswered for me to pony up to buy one.  Maybe if I were more of a runner than a cyclist….   I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering.

I still want one, though……(may have to secretly take a test ride)

Any other cyclists – or Elliptigo owners – want to chime in?

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