Back in The Saddle!

IMG_0380I happily picked up my Cannondale Scalpel from the bike shop the other day – sporting its brand new frame in black, white and neon sour apple (now there’s a sexy sounding color)!  In case you missed it, Cannondale had replaced my original frame (10+ years old) a year or so ago with a fancy carbon fiber frame (part of their lifetime warranty).

Well, that new frame cracked at the rear fork a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, Cannondale came through again – and I’m the proud owner of a brand new frame!  I did a quick ride with a loaner 29-inch wheeled bike, but I’m happy to say I was able to jump back on what has always been my favorite mountain bike (and, yes, I did NOT heed my regular bike shop rep’s advice and immediately sell the Scalpel with the brand new frame).

We had a smaller group of riders today – just me and my brother.  Other members either had work or loafing to do (I’m not naming names, though).  We met at one of our usual riding areas – but went a different way than usual.  The new-old Scalpel was doing great!  I was taking some obstacles that I usually have trouble with (and, yes, I still wimped out on a few that I always wimp out on).

The route we took had some trails we hadn’t been on for awhile.  I had forgotten how difficult some of them were – and my mind shot back to the time I took my (then) 13-year-old son out on a particularly hard section (no wonder he’s not in a rush to come back out).  By the end – and, in particular, the stinky road climb that is muddy-mushy enough to make the final climb of the ride that much more difficult – my legs were beat.

But I still had a smile on my face.  It was probably because I was experience that “new bike high” that one gets when they get to saddle up on a brand new bike.  Not much can put a damper on that!

Ride on!

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